Packed and ready to go…

So, now it’s time to go! The weather looks fine tomorrow (no hurricanes in the forecast!), so with luck my journey will start on time. A few of us will meet in SFO and cross the Pacific together, after which we’ll meet up with more of the team in Auckland. Finally, the entire team should be together at the end of the week in Invercargill, where we’ll undergo an inspection of all of our gear to ensure that we don’t inadvertently transport any soil, seeds, vegetation, insects or rodents to Campbell Island. I’ve been scrubbing my boots, hope they meet the quarantine officer’s standards! I found a bit of space to fit a KX3 in my luggage, so perhaps will find time to operate from Invercargill, or even /MM on the way down to Campbell Island. Operating from the boat may depend on whether any of us are in a fit state to do so – my new favorite website is to check on the wave heights in the southern ocean!

On the propagation page of this site there are a variety of plots showing expected likelihood of openings from ZL9 to various parts of the world. These were generated using – and there’s now a new service available at that site, a propagation planning tool which will allow prediction in tabular format to all parts of the world. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to use this prior to formal release to help in planning for ZL9HR.

PT0S has been very busy this week, I was pleased to catch them on a few bands and modes. Given the hardships that team is facing, they’re doing a fine job. Originally their schedule overlapped with ZL9HR. We’d coordinated frequencies to minimize interference, but even so it would likely have been problematic, so it’s good that in the end their dates moved up a little.

Finally, a thank you to all the companies, dx societies, clubs and individuals who have have supported ZL9HR. We hope to see you on the bands.


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