Assembling in Invercargill

Most of the team is now assembled in Invercargill. Here are nine of the ten team members – from left to right, 9M6XRO, KE4KY, K3EL, HA5AO, K5GS, VE7DS, VK3YP, W2LK and ZL3CW.

Just as important, all the equipment made it, too. So, we are pretty much ready to go. Next steps include getting fuel and a quarantine inspection of equipment (radios and personal) to ensure that we don’t transport any unwanted plant or animal visitors to Campbell Island.

Invercargill is quite busy since we’re here during the Burt Munro Challenge, an annual motor-bike rally named after one of Southland’s famous sons. Munro set the world speed record for an under 1000-cc motorcycle in 1967, a record which still stands. The Christmas decorations are up in Invercargill, and don’t seem quite so incongruous here as they did in sunny Auckland. We found this Christmas penguin on the main drag in town (there are three species of penguin on Campbell Island):

There is a marked contrast in the weather between the warm sunshine of Auckland, and the cool, wind and rain down here in Invercargill. The weather forecast for the next few days is not great, nevertheless, an on-time departure is expected.

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