Safe Return to the Mainland

The ZL9HR team arrived safely in the port of Bluff yesterday afternoon. We’ve been catching up on important things like sleep and beer.

Here’s the radio team and the boat crew, just prior to departure from Campbell Island. From left to right Glenn (KE4KY), Hiromi (crew), Tori (crew), John (9M6XRO), Don (VE7DS), Gene (K5GS), Pista (HA5AO), Tommy (VK2IR), Steve (captain of the Evohe), Les (W2LK), Dave (K3EL), Lindsay (crew), John (VK3YP), Hamish (crew), Jacky (ZL3CW).


Here is John, 9M6XRO, operating one of the CW stations. Note the typical Campbell Island operating attire: multiple layers of clothing, hat and fingerless mitts. It was cold!


73, Dave