Raivavae – Austral Islands

Don, VE7DS and Dave, K3EL are planning a mini-dxpedition to Raivavae, (FO/A, Austral Islands, IOTA OC-114) in early November 2013. The Austral Islands are currently 44th on the Club Log “most wanted” list, very high for a fly-in destination, with a particularly low percentage of Club Log users having contacts on 10 or 12 m.

This is not intended to be a full-on dxpedition, but significant time will be spent on the air for approximately one week, running medium-power stations with vertical antennas on the beach. More info will be added on this site (see links to the right) in the coming weeks.

Raivavae saellite photo

Satellite view of Raivavae. Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov

Mellish Reef

Mellish logo no callsign masked booby standing yellow finalAfter their successful operation from Campbell Island in December 2012, six members of the ZL9HR team, and additional operators, are today announcing their intention to activate Mellish Reef in early 2014.

Mellish Reef is located in the Coral Sea, approximately 1100 km north-east of Brisbane, Australia. Currently number 24 on ClubLog’s Most Wanted List, Mellish Reef was last activated in 2009. An international team will operate for 12 days, using 6 stations with linear amplifiers and vertical antennas.

Mellish satellite image ISS006E08044 enchnced cropped

Discussions are underway with the appropriate authorities and potential transport suppliers. Additional information will be available on the team’s soon to be activated web site after the documentation is finalized.

Currently signed up for the project are: Pista HA5AO, Dave K3EL, Glenn KE4KY, Jacky ZL3CW, George HA5UK, Gene K5GS and Les W2LK. As the project progresses we will announce additional operators and details.

Please direct questions to:  Mellish2014@gmail.com

Mellish Reef