All contacts for FO/K3EL were uploaded to LOTW some time ago, and cards were also sent via the bureau (uploaded to Printed cards arrived a few days ago, and so responses to direct requests are now in the mail.


FO/K3EL QSL card

The picture on the card was taken at the Arahurahu Marae, a restored temple on the west coast of Tahiti. There are two replica “tiki”; the originals were once on Raivavae, but now reside at the Musee Gaugin,¬†Papeari,¬†Tahiti (note, at time of writing, the museum is closed for renovations – should be open again later in 2014).

There is a footpath which heads into the forest at the rear of the maintained area at  Arahurahu Marae. It roughly follows a river for a couple of km into the mountainous interior of the island. What appears to be ancient agricultural terracing is very visible at the beginning of the trail. The path is fairly clear, although it switches across the stream from time to time, and occasionally fallen trees block the route, requiring a detour. After an hour or so of walking, you come upon another marae, high in the valley.

Ancient marae, above Arahrahu

Ruins of an ancient marae above Arahrahu

The walls are overgrown by the forest and covered in moss, but you can still make out the form of the site, locations of different buildings and entrances.

QSLs received – XZ1Z

Compressed XZ1ZHearing XZ1Z on the air was a very nice end-of-summer surprise. Even better was managing to work Zorro, find out that the operation was confirmed for DXCC credit, and then quickly receive the QSL in the mail.

This is a very beautiful card, nicely printed. Definitely one to be displayed. I’ve been scanning some of my favorite cards and displaying them in an electronic photo frame as a rotating slide show. XZ1Z will be added to the sequence. Thanks Zorro, JH1AJT, looking forward to your next operation from Myanmar.

QSLs received – EP2MKO

There are few amateur radio stations currently active on hf from Iran. I’d sent a couple of cards years ago for an EP2MKO contact in 1998, but no reply, probably lost in the mail.

I thought I’d try one more time, sending a direct card to UA6GG, the manager currently listed in QRZ and was delighted to quickly receive a confirmation in the mail. Thanks, Ali for the QSO, and thanks, Oleg, for the QSL!