VK9MT – Mellish Reef

Mellish logo masked booby standing yellow finalAn international team activated Mellish Reef as VK9MT in March/April 2014.

Mellish Reef is located in the Coral Sea, approximately 1100 km north-east of Brisbane, Australia. Currently number 24 on ClubLog’s Most Wanted List, Mellish Reef was last activated in 2009.

Mellish satellite image ISS006E08044 enchnced cropped

Additional information at the team’s website: http://www.vk9mt.com/

2 thoughts on “VK9MT – Mellish Reef

  1. It would be great if this one would actually also look for Southern Africa as well, unlike TX5D and TX5RV. Most DXPeditions of late don’t seem to have a working knowledge of the world as it exists, Africa may be a “small” continent with no too many Hams around, but the ones that are here, do need various DXCC entities still.

    • Well, Volker, there were numerous occasions when TX5RV called either for EU/AF only, or asked for JA and NA to stand by. As I pointed out on the TX5RV propagation prediction pages, there is a mountain immediately to the south of the location from where both TX5D and TX5RV operated from – to get a signal from southern Africa you have to deal with a lot of rock. Simply not a good direction from this location. Mellish Reef is a flat sandbar, so at least propagation from there should provide more equal opportunities.

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