TX5RV – Propagation, November 2013

Propagation has been good on the higher bands in late October, we hope this continues into November! This should give rise to good short-path openings to EU around 8-12 UTC and again around 16 UTC. Note – our location is on the northern side of Raivavae, at the Pension Raivavae Tama. There is a mountain directly to the south! There is virtually no chance of any long-path openings to EU, everything to the south will be blocked.

Propagation predictions to a variety of locations made using VOACAP online are shown below. The color scale shows probability of an opening, modeled with a vertical as TX antenna, a 3 ele Yagi at 35 feet as RX antenna, and 500 W CW. The bar at the bottom shows day/night in the TX and RX locations. First, some predictions for propagation to EU (click on the small image to see a larger version):

Austral to OH







Starting in the far north, propagation to Finland and Scandanavia in general could be challenging on the higher bands. VOACAP suggests the best opportunities will be on 20 m and 30 m, with some opportunities on the lower bands at times of common darkness.

Austral to G







Staying in the west of EU, but further south, G (London) shows very pronounced peaks around 10-12 and then 16-18 UTC. 20/17/15 m look good at different times, if the sunspots cooperate then 10/12 should be a possibility too.

Austral to F







Moving across the channel, the picture looks similar in Paris.

Austral to DL







Moving on to DL, the same two peaks, a little earlier.

Austral to HA







A little earlier again to HA, with a shorter opening in the afternoon/evening.

Austral to UA3







Further north and east, there should be openings on different bands during most of the day to Moscow, however, the later peak on the higher bands is gone.

Austral to UT







The picture to the Ukraine is similar.

Austral to EA







Moving to southern Europe, two distinct peaks of propagation on the higher bands to EA.

Austral to I







Finally in EU, the prediction to Italy.

Moving to the Americas, there should be good propagation on one or more bands pretty much all the time to western parts with lengthy periods of propagation to the east as well. Just a few examples:

Austral to VE7







Propagation to VE7, should be good openings on the higher bands throughout the daylight hours.

Austral to W CO







Fairly similar to CO.

Austral to W FL








Austral to W NJ







Finally to New Jersey, 12 m looks a good bet in the early afternoon to evening, eastern time.

Several bands should be open to JA much of the time. Signals in VK and ZL are likely to be weaker than might be expected, because of the mountain to the south and west of our location. This will likely pose an even greater challenge for contacts to Africa.

On the low bands, there should be opportunities to EU around sunset in Raivavae / dawn in EU.

Grey-line maps for FO/A sunrise and sunset on 1st Nov 2013 are shown below.

FO-A sunrise greyline 1 Nov

Sunrise, 1455 UTC, Austral Islands, 1st November 2013

Sunset, Austral Islands, 1st November 2013

Sunset, 0415 UTC Austral Islands, 1st November 2013

For a different view, propagation predictions maps for FO/A generated using HamCap available at the following links (each opens a Word document):

Propagation Austral Is 00 thru 05 UTC

Propagation Austral Is 06 thru 11 UTC

Propagation Austral Is 12 thru 17 UTC

Propagation Austral Is 18 thru 23 UTC

Models generated using SSN = 67, with the TX antenna a 31 foot vertical for 80 – 15 m, and a 12 foot vertical for 10 and 12 m, with the antenna situated over salt water, and TX power of 500 W. RX antenna modeled as a 3-ele at 35 feet (10-20 m), dipole for 30 and 40 m, and a vertical for 80 m.  Red colors indicate conditions suitable for SSB, yellow to green should be ok for CW (for stations with lower-gain antennas, or running lower power, a qso may only be possible on times/bands where propagation is most favored – pink or red).


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