TX5RV – Operating Plans and Frequencies

We intend to devote most of our efforts to CW, and proposed operating frequencies are listed below. However, we may be on other modes from time to time, and so we have listed SSB and RTTY frequencies as well.

JA, western-NA and SA are relatively close to FO/A, and one or more bands should be open all the time. EU, AF and to some extent eastern-NA will be harder, and when bands are open to those areas we will be asking others to stand by (more propagation info on the propagation pages). If the sunspots cooperate as they have done recently, we will look for openings on 10 and 12.

There are two other announced operations (to Easter Island and San Andres) which will be on the air at the same time as TX5RV. Our proposed frequencies are chosen to minimize interference between these different operations, while also being able to work stations in the US General portion of the bands. If you notice any potential problems with these proposed frequencies, please let us know.

10M 28.031 28.475 28.090
12M 24.914 24.970 24.927
15M 21.031 21.315 21.090
17M 18.081 18.115 18.102
20M 14.031 14.220 14.082
30M 10.119 10.144
40M 7.031 7.065/7.165 7.037
80M 3.531
160M 1.830.5

1 thought on “TX5RV – Operating Plans and Frequencies

  1. A bit of ssb on 10m @1600z + to Western EU would be appreciated by a huge amount of G’s.
    Have a safe trip and an enjoyable time.

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