Equipment and Antennas

Station: Current station includes a K3S or a Flex 6600 with KPA500, SPE 1.5 and Acom 2000a linear amps. There is a 3 ele Steppir for 10-20m with dipole element for 30/40 m about 45′ up. For 80 m there is a delta loop, and for 160 m an invered L. There is a 7 ele LFA beam for 6 m. For low band rx a shared apex loop helps out. A TS2000 is for vhf/uhf. Current paddles are either a Begali Sculpture or Traveller. Older equipment in the shack includes a HRO “Sixty” receiver, FR-50B / FL-50B separate rx/tx, a Heathkit HW-8 qrp transceiver which I built new from a kit back in the 70’s, and many old broadcast receivers. An Icom 7000 or a KX3 provide options for radio “on the go” along with assorted wire antennas.