Making QSL cards is a fun part of the hobby, especially these days with digital cameras and lots of good photo editing software, it’s very easy to create new QSL cards. I use Global QSL, an on-line QSL printing and distribution service, which means that I can change cards as often as I want. Here are a few of the QSLs I’ve used.

My current QSL uses an image taken in Mountain Lakes park, Princeton. QSL compressed-

This is a card I made a few years ago. The amanita mushrooms were growing under an oak tree, in my front lawn.

Here’s a another recent card, a semi-abstract image of a 3-500Z tube getting a little warm.

This is a card I’ve used recently, when operating with my UK callsign, G4HJT. Stonehenge is about 30 miles away from my old QTH in Bath.

Here’s an old G4HJT card from the late 1970s

G4HJT map card

Ancient history – this is a QSL card I used as a short wave listener, back in the 1970s.



One of the entertaining aspects of operating from DX locations is designing new cards. Here’s the card from my 2013 operation from Tahiti:



And the card from Raivavae (VE7DS and K3EL, op):

QSL-TX5RV-2 compressed

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